Examination & Promotion

  • The school accepts the curriculum of the C.C.E. Pattern will be considered for promotion.
  • For valid reason, if a student is absent from any examination, an application for the same must be submitted to the principal and be sanctioned in advance.
  • There is no provision of re-examination if a student fails to appear at any of the examinations.
  • The results of the examinations are final and cannot be reconsidered.
  • Promotion will be based on the average performance of the whole year.
  • The year’s record work consists of the day to day written work including composition, home work, daily lessons and an average performance on non academic activities.
  • For promotion a student must secure minimum 40% marks in aggregate.
  • Marking scheme: - As per the education departments guidelines provided.
  • For assignment & project work, grades are provided.